FAQ Section

1.    What about confidentiality?

Everyone at Shining Light Equestrian respects privacy. Our staff and volunteers sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 

2.    What about safety? 

It is our top priority and we follow strict standards to ensure it; however, we are working with large animals, so there is a slight risk. 

3.    How can Equine Assisted Activities help my child? 

There is a long list of benefits and advantages in our programs section or this link to PATH, Intl.   Learn about EAAT


4.    What disabilities does Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) benefit? 

Autism, ODD, CP, Spina Bifida, Sensory Processing, PTSD and other trauma related needs, Anxiety/depression, ADHD/ADD/OCD, Down's Syndrome, Willie Pratt Syndrome, Developmental delay,  youth considered at risk, foster/adopted, abuse/neglect, and many more!

5.    Do I have to have a disability to participate or ride a horse? 

No, we serve people with and without special needs. 

7.    How much does it cost? 

Please call for prices. 

8.    Is a doctor referral required? 

Case by case determination. Please contact us for confirmation of need.

Link to Release form...


10.    How do I schedule an appointment?

Schedule an Appointment Here

11.    What about liability?

Each person who visits the facility signs a general liability release form.

Click below to download our Liability Release Form.

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